The New DIY

Many people have this horror image of DIY; a kind of Martha Stewart nightmare with co-ordinating Laura Ashley fabrics, pastels and polyester lace. They imagine DIY involves drowning in metres of cheap polyester sateen making out of date, tasteless nick knacks that no one in their right mind would use, wear or eat unless they were tryng to keep a neurotic friend happy... 

New DIY is about making crafts that reflect your tastes, lifestyle and hobbies not someone else's. If you have an allergy to doilies or an abject fear of anything made from silk flowers or tartan then look to new materials and fabrics that inspire you and make you truly happy. 

New DIY is more about art and fashion than cottage crafts; it's about being true to yourself and doing what you want to do. The paradox of the new DIY rules is there are no rules. 

New DIY:

  • Uses unusual materials  like metals, plastics, resin, leather, PVC or corrugated cardboard
  • Re-uses and recycles materials whenever possible
  • Reflects new subcultures like Steampunk, Goth, Rockabilly, Twilight, Harajuku and Geek Chic
  • Does not require learning complicated skills like crochet, calligraphy or knitting - unless you want to
  • Encourages creativity and mistakes - lots of mistakes!
  • Discourages carbon-copying "How to" books
  • Is sensitive to food allergies and intolerances, environmental issues and child labour
  • Is about real and virtual DIY; you can also craft a website, flash welcome page, FMBL FaceBook fan page, movie or a digital invitation
  • Is about sharing the love and talent; get others involved in your projects and share your new discoveries with the craft community
  • Is accepting and supportive; Stitch n Bitch is so last decade so is bagging other people's tastes and preferences - variety is the key to an interesting world people!